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Greetings, Potterheads! I want to warn you that my blog may cause joy, basically for Potterheads. Please be aware that I am absolutely crazy and I fangirl so many fandoms. I can make so many headcannons so, yeah. I post Harry Potter stuff but please, I am Selected to marry Prince Maxon, a pure Shadowhunter, and I am also a Victor of the Hunger Games. Yes, please, bear with me. I am absolutely depressed that I don't have my Agustus Waters yet. But still, enjoy my blog!
Greetings, Potterheads!
why are u so cool
- Anonymous

Cool? OMG why are a you asking something like that to me? I am lame. I promise.

I didn’t have the chance to greet you on Christmas, so Merry Christmas!

My activity’s been low for months. I’m sorry I haven’t posted, I’ve been so busy! I promise to post more these days, okay?

To be honest, I really hated Hermione in the books. She thinks that everything Harry and Ron think of is stupid or never exist. Just like on DH, she didn’t trust Harry nor Ron unless she thinks the idea is correct too. But she’s been quite useful too. Without her, Harry might be dead, without her reading the book, they wouldn’t have discovered Deathly Hallows. Etc. Just my opinion so don’t hate.

It’s funny how Ron crashed.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

so young to be fighting so many

So young to be fighting so many.

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Every mother is like Lily Potter.